3 chocolate labradors in field in Whitchurch


Jo with chocolate labrador puppies

"It was lovely to meet you, your granddaughter, the pups and their mum. We can't wait to hear from you when ours is ready to collect."

Chris, Jo, Rebecca and Nicolas

Andrew with chocolate labrador puppies

"Journey was fine, both travelled very well, no mishaps. They liked the air conditioning!"


Chocolate labrador puppy growing up

"Bentley has reached 7 months old and what a beautiful (and huge!) puppy he has turned into! He is such a fantastic temperament and best friends with our youngest.

Wherever Lucas goes Bentley isn't far behind! He attracts so much attention, loves people and other dogs and is a huge part of our family."


"Mika is settling in well and is already loved by all the family. She is a very special dog and fills us with joy.

Thank you again for entrusting us with one of your special pups."

David & Heather, Caernarfon

"Thank you very much for allowing us to purchase one of your pups. He is well, full of life and very happy. "

Diane & Brian, Flintshire

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