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Our home
Home - an ideal location for our dogs

The fields around our property
We are surrounded by fields and woodland - ideal countryside for exercising our dogs

Our dogs playing in the snow January 2021

Maetek Dogs are long established breeders of the German Shepherd and Chocolate Labrador breeds, two of the most rewarding dogs to own. Both have wonderful temperaments and are perfect family dogs

Maetek Dogs is run by Andrea Landsborough, who has all her life had a great interest in GERMAN  SHEPHERDS and LABRADORS. Her parents and grandparents before her were always involved in working and showing dogs so it goes without saying that "It's in the blood".

Andrea is a member of the Association of German Shepherd Dogs also a member of the M C Labrador Retriever club.

The aim of MAETEK DOGS is to improve breeding where possible and yet keep their excellent temperaments  and super pedigrees. The bitches and dogs have all the health checks necessary for their breed types and more besides.

All our dogs are happy and contented, absolutely adore the children and all the family.  Such super temperaments both GSD and the Labs.

When we have puppies for sale you will find the information on the Pupplies for Sale page.

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All enquiries please ring 01948 830323
or 07938 141250